Commercial Products

Roof Mounts

Roof mount system design is customized for your type of roof.  For a pitched roof with asphalt or steel roofing, the common design penetrates the roof and ties directly to structural framing of the building.  For flat, membrane-covered roofs, a non-penetrating ballasted system is required.


Both styles of roof-mounted system are engineered to withstand 90 mph winds.  That means your system will survive just about anything that nature can throw at you.


Below are some examples:

Ground Mounts and Back-Up Systems

Do you ever experience power outages from storm damage or lines downed by wayward vehicles?


For most of us, it doesn’t happen that often.  But when severe weather threatens, it’s comforting to know you have an alternative source of backup power, power that is:



GAI has standard backup system designs depending on your budget and the amount of energy storage you are able to live with.