Make the Move to Solar

GAI is your Central Indiana source for clean energy

Our Services

GAI can help you reduce your company’s energy bill using commercial solar designs to convert your energy bill from a variable cost to a fixed cost. Find out more about our design, operations and maintenance, and installation processes. 

Want to reduce your reliance on your utility company, reduce your carbon footprint, or just save money? Solar could be the solution for you, and GAI makes the process easy for you.

Have questions about solar?  How it works, what the policies are? Click on the link above and see answers to our most commonly-heard questions.

Our Company

The experts at Green Alternatives believe that a greener future is possible one solar panel at a time, and you can save money in the process. We are equipped to solve all of your solar needs (commercial, agricultural, or residential) to better your community and ours. We are founder owned and have been working hard at harvesting clean solar energy in Indiana since 2008.