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Green Alternatives, Inc. (GAI) is your Central Indiana source for clean energy. Our skilled team can handle any project, so our customers see maximum benefits.

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GAI can help you reduce your company’s energy bill with our strategically-designed commercial projects. With our products, you can invest your budget savings into other areas of your business! With solar technology, you convert more of your energy costs from variable to fixed, allowing for more predictable cash flows. Our installers are knowledgeable about a wide variety of systems and installation procedures that can maximize your return on investment. Our training and expertise allow us to implement large-scale clientele projects and remain nimble enough to help our small business customers as well!


We know the cost of living keeps going up, which is why families are looking for savings in their budgets wherever possible. Investing in solar is a smart move to cut down on what is likely one of your major monthly bills. At Green Alternatives, we handle our installations in a way that is best fit for your home and goals. The idea of investing in solar could seem intimidating at first, but our team comes alongside you to facilitate a stress-free, efficient process every step of the way.  Feeling nervous about energy security and power outages?  Let us pair your solar production with energy storage.  We can guarantee that your lights stay on after the next big storm.


Central Indiana’s farmers are the lifeblood of the Hoosier heartland. You support economies across the world by providing necessary goods. Green Alternatives knows agriculture is an increasingly high-tech, demanding field, so powering your operations through solar can reduce your energy reliance and add an important revenue stream to your business. GAI specializes in maximizing the yield of your solar installation by pairing your crop and livestock production with renewable energy technologies. We will work diligently to exceed your expectations with a customized installation that is perfectly tailored to your agricultural operation. 


Installing solar technology is one thing. Making sure it runs efficiently over the course of its lifespan is another. GAI manages O&M (operations and maintenance) contracts for several commercial/industrial solar installations around the state. We offer both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Our attention to detail is why we’re a trusted partner for clients that have a requirement to keep utility-grade solar production operating smoothly. GAI offers competitive and customizable O&M options and inspections to ensure that renewable energy investments will operate at peak efficiency for decades.

Our Company

The experts at Green Alternatives believe that a greener future is possible, one solar panel at a time, and you can save money in the process. We are equipped to solve all of your solar needs (commercial, residential, agricultural, and long-term operations and maintenance) to better your community and ours. We are founder-owned and have been working hard at harvesting clean solar energy in Indiana since 2008.

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