Innovate your agricultural operations with Green Alternatives

We link economic powerhouses to renewable energy sources to trim costs

Hoosier farmers are a key economic driver for Indiana and the local communities where their operations are based. Farms are also complex operations that take a considerable amount of power to keep running from the irrigation systems to their livestock buildings and grain dryers. The GAI team is excited to say a growing number of farmers in Carroll and Howard counties and across this great state are turning to us for automatic energy cost savings through investing in solar. Whether you want to pair your solar installation with your crop production through a freestanding model, or fit panels onto the roof of a building, we are here to provide you with a customized solution. 

GAI comes alongside you as your partner to think strategically about your long-term economic goals. 

Farmers are uniquely equipped to lease portions of their land to house solar farms and other installations as a way of diversifying their income! 

Access the USDA’s Farmer’s Guide to Going Solar here

Examples of GAI Agricultural Projects