Americans are installing more solar panels than ever – and it’s a great time to join in the party

This next sentence won’t come as any surprise to our readers.

Solar energy is the fastest-growing energy source in the United States, and the hope is that it is only going to increase in the coming years. The country is on track to install 24.4 GW, a rise of about 24% in solar capacity from last year, according to a report by energy research firm Wood Mackenzie and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Switching to solar is more than just being trendy. It cuts greenhouse gas emissions and is a clean, environmentally-friendly energy source. More people are recognizing that by the day across all economic sectors – even some utility companies are embarking on large-scale solar projects.

If you’re considering installing panels on your home or business and reaping some of the benefits of solar power for yourself – now is the time to make that move!

Consider what is occurring at the federal level: Solar energy is a huge part of the Biden Administration agenda. Officials want to extend the federal tax credit on solar energy systems by a decade to help combat climate change. 

No matter what happens in the future, the Green Alternatives team is here to help you invest in your solar energy dream. We work closely with our customers to deliver the highest quality installments. With a team full of knowledge on solar technology, we will work with you every step of the way to deliver cleaner energy for you, your home and the world.

The Green Alternatives team are the experts to walk you through the benefits of solar. Headquartered in Carroll County and doing business across the Hoosier heartland,  reach out to us today at 765.480.2423!

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