Investing in solar is a long-time commitment. We’re here for you at GAI!

We offer competitive O&M plans to meet a diverse range of needs.

At GAI, we don’t install your product and then hand you the keys, never to be seen from again. We offer a whole range of O&M (operations and maintenance) services to keep your solar installations up and running and functioning at their peak capabilities. We pride ourselves in the service we provide to our customers through our trained technicians and anticipate your needs every step of the way. Our work ethic and the value we place on providing honest and transparent solar technology to our customers is why we’re seeing high growth in the number of solar users who are turning to us for their long-term maintenance needs!

For the first year after installation, we run a variety of checks on your equipment from analyzing your tilt angle for ground-mount systems to checking wiring and clamp integrity and verifying your inverter is operating properly. 

We provide O&M support in ways best fit for each of our customers, including: 

  • Online monitoring and analysis
  • Periodic mechanical and electrical inspections
  • Thermography
  • Manufacturer-recommended preventative maintenance