Our Promise

No two solar projects are the same, and there is no cookie cutter approach to what we do.

At Green Alternatives, we deliver quality products to meet our customers’ individual needs and goals. With our trained team, you can feel confident you will see the maximum results from your solar investment. Our technical expertise and personalized approach to each of our projects makes us a true industry leader in Indiana. We care about our customers and are grateful they trust us to handle their solar needs. GAI is value driven, not revenue driven. Read on to learn the promises we make to each of our commercial, residential and agricultural customers. 

We design our solar installations with the customer in mind.
When you work with Green Alternatives, you can expect a personalized, quality service. Our team has a deep understanding of solar technology, and the systems that we install. The level of care and attention we give to each customer means they receive a system that is high functioning, aesthetically pleasing and optimized to their home or business energy needs. Your return on your investment starts Day One, and we stay with the project to monitor the system’s performance. 

We make our customers part of the process. 
Switching to solar is an exciting time for our customers, but understanding how solar technology works comes with a learning curve. Throughout the sales and installation process, we work diligently to educate our customers on various system capabilities and explain their investment in a clear and transparent way. When you work with GAI, you can rest assured that we are happy to answer all your questions – even after the project is wrapped. Our team is approachable, and here for you no matter your level of knowledge about solar technology. You decided to make the leap into renewable energy, and we’re thrilled you did!

We see our employees as our greatest asset and invest in them.
Our installers are the most significant impression Green Alternatives leaves on our customers – and we take care to hire knowledgeable and service-minded people who know how to get the job done. This commitment means our customers enjoy a system that can generate energy at its peak capacity. Our lead installers have degrees in Renewable Energy from Ivy Tech and do continuing education through   multiple sources. We also work closely with our manufacturers to understand their systems and maintain their product-level certifications.

We are strong advocates for the solar industry.
Rules, regulations and government incentives surrounding renewable energy are adapting all the time. GAI President Chris Rohaly is at the forefront of the latest changes and policy measures affecting the industry, from the net metering debate in Indiana to supporting tax credits and other financial incentives. We keep Green Alternatives customers in the know about ways to offset the cost of their installation. Support for these projects is important not just for the customer but also for society because of the environmental benefits stemming from solar investment. At Green Alternatives, we don’t just sell you a solar system. We want what’s best for our existing and future customers as they make the smart decision to shift to solar energy, for their families, business and the world.