Battery Back-Up PV Solar System

Do you ever experience power outages from storm damage or lines downed by wayward vehicles?  For most of us it doesn't happen that often.  But when severe weather threatens, it's comforting to know you have an alternative source of power - power that is clean, silent, always ready, has no moving parts, requires no fuel.

With a GAI battery back-up solar system, when the power goes out your emergency circuits never know it.  Everything plugged into these circuits stays on.  No more melted ice cream in the freezer, no going to the bathroom in the dark, no need to drink cold coffee.

A battery back-up system operates just as a grid-tied system, as long as the utility's grid power is available.  In the background, the system also maintains the state of charge of a bank of batteries.  If power is lost from the utility, the system switches automatically to use stored power from the battery bank.  The battery back-up inverter, fed by batteries, can then supply power to all the household circuits which have been wired to the separate breaker panel.

Battery Back Up Solar System

A battery back-up solar system requires careful planning to select which circuits to feed in the event of power outages.  It also requires significantly more complex hardware.  The battery back-up inverter is more complex than a basic grid-tied inverter.  There is also a charge controller required to extend the life of the battery bank.

As with all renewable energy systems, it is important to note that if you plan a battery back-up system, it should be done after or in conjunction with improvements in your energy efficiency.

GAI has standard backup system designs depending on your budget and the amount of energy storage you are able to live with.

Ground Mount, Battery Back Up Solar System
Battery Back Up Solar System
Battery Back Up Solar System Display Panel