Plan for your future with Green Alternatives

We partner with homeowners to design customized solar solutions that exceed their goals.

Considering a solar investment can seem daunting to homeowners at first. How exactly does the technology work? How much will it cost? How many panels do I need to meet my renewable energy goals? Will it affect my property values?  At GAI, we’ve got the answers. We are committed to designing a solar installation that matches your home and takes a personalized approach to your goals, budget and location. We walk you through the installation process, so you gain a strong understanding of your new product and the ways you can maximize the technology to power your home. 

We’re proud to work with homeowners who trust GAI with this life-changing investment, no matter where they are in their life’s journey. 

The GAI team knows our customers come to us with a variety of perspectives. Maybe you want to save on your energy bill, help the environment or reduce your energy dependence from the grid in case of an unexpected event or emergency. Whatever your reasons for investing in solar, you can trust us to deliver a technically-sound solution with a commitment to serving you.

Examples of GAI Residential Projects