The Green Alternatives team isn’t the only one having a ‘summer of solar’

Whether you’ve been with Green Alternatives for a while or you decided to make 2021 the Summer of Solar, we’re glad to have you on board. Speaking of which, did you know that SOS is also a new campaign undertaken by the Department of Energy? 

It’s all part of the federal government’s new push for the importance of renewable energy. With that comes some great events and innovations, including the aforementioned 2021’s Summer of Solar campaign. Follow along with the hashtag (#RunningOnSunshine) and click the link to check out the resources that help explain the benefits of renewable energy. 

This summer is also a time for the country to celebrate the “diverse people who are taking advantage of the sun’s energy and the communities that are making it easier to go solar.” One of the first initiatives of this campaign was the nationwide launch of SolarAPP+. This app gives local governments the ability to expedite their review and approval of solar panel installations. Every solar project has its obstacles to get past, and one of the more strenuous aspects of solar installments is waiting for approval on permits. With SolarAPP+, that problem is solved! 

Throughout the country, the permitting process of solar installations takes more than two weeks, which can really be a hassle when wanting to switch as soon as possible. This sometimes-confusing process is also why it’s important to partner with a reputable company like Green Alternatives to make sure everything is in order before, during and after your installation. Still, we’re rooting for this app to catch on because it would be beneficial for everyone involved.

What this app does is streamlines the permitting process for local governments at no cost to counties or municipalities, allowing for same-day or even instant approval. The app began in four communities in Arizona and California to test out the efficiency. One community that saw a considerable difference was Tucson, where the SolarAPP+ reduced permitting reviews from 20 business days to zero! What a huge difference. 

This new technology may be a big step in the right direction when converting the entire country to cleaner forms of energy. Our team at Green Alternatives is thrilled to see what else comes out of the DOE’s Summer of Solar, and we hope you are too! While we aim to be Indiana’s solar experts, we know it’s important to let you know what’s going around the rest of the country, too.  

Ready to join the fun? Green Alternatives is here for you. We’re headquartered in Carroll County and doing business across the Hoosier heartland. Reach out to us today at 765.480.2423!

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