Installing solar panels helps all of us fight for the environment

Autumn is quickly approaching the Hoosier Heartland, and our team at Green Alternatives is excited and hopeful that you have a great fall! 

On a more serious note, this summer has once again demonstrated the power – and dangers – of climate change. From wildfires on the West Coast to flooding in the South, the environment and all of us face significant threats. 

As a society, we can’t wait much longer to start rapidly reducing emissions, as this Axios article highlights. Synopsis: More than 230 editors of medical journals around the world have come together to urge a stronger international effort from leaders when it comes to fighting the climate crisis. The bottom line is that the situation is dire and now is an imperative time for action. 

However, there is good news. There are plenty of action steps even us as regular citizens can take. Green Alternatives can help fight back against climate change and prevent these effects from getting worse. Solar energy is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels and when you switch to solar, you are helping eliminate the emission of pollution and greenhouse gases, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The time is now. Switching to solar or adding more panels to your home or business has never been more beneficial! You can be a part of the change that helps the environment heal and recover. No matter the size of your project, producing solar energy is a great move for you and your planet.  

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